Android vs. Apple

100 Dinge welche Android kann und iOS 7 nicht

Eine spannende Liste von 100 Dingen welche Android kann, iOS 7 aber passen muss

Unser kleiner Spass zum Sonntag umfasst eine Liste mit 100+ Dingen, welche Android besser stellt als iOS 7. Armando Ferreira hat dafür auf YouTube ein Video geteilt, in dem er erklärt wie die Liste entstanden ist. Im Video selbst streicht er die für ihn wichtigsten 20 Punkte heraus, wieso Android fortschrittlicher ist, als Konkurrenz iOS 7 von Apple. Nach folgend haben wir für euch die Liste natürlich hier noch aufgeführt.

Die Liste!

  1. App integration with Operating System
  2. Can’t set default apps
  3. No NFC capabilities
  4. Google Now (with card notifcations)
  5. True HD resolution
  6. Widgets
  7. Dual User
  8. Replaceable keyboards (Swype, etc)
  9. Photosphere (panorama) – without the use of a third party app
  10. USB host – USB OTG :
  11. Transfer media to and from an external SD card
  12. Watch streaming video or listen to streaming audio from external SD.
  13. Control a Dslr without root.
  14. Use a bluetooth mouse
  15. Floating window apps for desktop like multitasking
  16. Switchable launchers
  17. Apps that allow gesture based control
  18. Adblock
  19. Data usage monitor. App usage, Set warning and maximum
  20. Battery usage monitor. What apps are using up power
  21. Many system monitors like wakelock
  22. VPN Proxy for privacy bypassing country restrictions (Tunnelbear)
  23. security apps like Cerberus and . Anti-theft, discreetly take a picture of the thief, see what they’re up to (Cerberus) like prey on mac.
  24. Launcher shortcuts for apps e.g. evernote, not just bookmark shortcuts
  25. Turn the phone into a server: phone to become a DLNA, DNS, Email, FTP, IRC, Proxy, SMB, SMS, SSH, Web, WebDAV, XMPP server (Servers Ultimate)
  26. Android can run on many other devices: USB stick computers, laptops (HP, Asus, Acer), cameras, TV set top, google glass, smartwatch, consoles, televisions
  27. Run Ubuntu
  28. Run various emulators
  29. Run system maintenance tools like cache cleaner, Automatically cleanup all app related files once an app is uninstalled (CCleaner)
  30. Change profiles based on situation and location
  31. Change desktop based on situation.
  32. Rhe ability to backup apps and restore them in case you upgraded to a faulty version
  33. Bluetooth transfer to and from different devices not just from android devices.
  34. Ability to send BT signals as serial port to be accessed by another device.
  35. Ability to assign commands to the phone when the phone’s state is detected eg. light level, magnetic field, orientation, proximity sensors, etc.
  36. Able to change file extensions without the need to import the file into an app because of a true file system.
  37. Seamlessly pair and use an external GPS device with an android phone.
  38. Allow apps to specify download location and not just in the same app container. This means you can copy a file once, such as a pdf, and open it with different apps.
  39. No removable storage
  40. No replaceable battery
  41. Use the device as usb storage without iTunes. Windows only see it as read only.
  42. Allow multiple Gmail accounts on one device
  43. Flash Custom ROM’s – No need root if you buy an Oppo Phone.
  44. Smart app protector – You can password protect specific apps. (ios has my secret folder but does not work for apps. ios needs to be jailbroken for this to work.)
  45. AIDE – integrated application development. Develop apps directly from your android device.
  46. Disable background data per app when on mobile networks.
  47. Support 6 different ways to unlock screen, including no lock
  48. Miracast
  49. DLNA
  50. Find out in detail how your storage is used – apps like disk usage
  51. Change system wide font size
  52. Almost always have the same app available on phone and tablet
  53. Integrated FM Radio (HTC One, Oppo R819, Others)
  54. The Ability to change icons system wide
  55. Face Unlock 
  56. Multi Picture Wallpaper
  57. Ability to hide apps (NO ROOT REQUIRED EITHER)
  58. Run Flash Websites
  59. Voice Control Anything (using Voice/Tasker)
  60. Control Televisions (IR Blaster)
  61. Air Gestures (Samsung)
  62. Google Wallet
  63. Be able to download any files onto your phone
  64. Make geeks happy (intangible)
  65. Can’t theme your phone, all iPhone’s look the same. No personality
  66. Choice of features
  67. Boom Sound or Dual Front Facing Speakers (HTC)
  68. Thermometer
  69. Barometer
  70. Back button. Without it, switching to the previous app requires two actions
  71. No Porn Apps
  72. WiFi direct
  73. No Wireless Charging
  74. Always Listening (Moto X / AutoVoice)
  75. Launch apps from a dock like on Mac os (dock4droid). This will confuse the fanboys because it is an Apple feature that is not on ios
  76. Install caffeine like the very popular Mac utility
  77. Swipestarter – most efficient launcher
  78. Gesture search
  79. Anticipatory computing ** See the end of this post
  80. Dynamically change your home screen – one home screen for work, and one for play
  81. Customize LED notifications
  82. Connect to your lan workgroup, copy files back and forth. No need for iTunes
  83. Stream movies, music from your shared drives
  84. The largest developer support (XDA, Rootzwiki, Etc)
  85. Choose from a dizzying array of form factors and hardware. Different screen sizes. Ruggedized phones. Different price points.
  86. Can’t set mobile data limits (why they overpay)
  87. HDMI output
  88. No 15 Minute grace period for apps. once you buy in iOS you’re stuck.
  89. Install apps to your mobile device directly from the web play store.
  90. Voice Actions on Home Automation
  91. Boot into Safe mode
  92. Disable background processes on startup without root.
  93. Batch modify/move/copy files from one directory to the other.
  94. Easily switch from one browser to another (flashify) without copying and pasting.
  95. Backup files locally with any version available not just the present and previous ones. Eg. I have 10 different versions of Google maps and I can roll back to any of them.
  96. Control lock screen when a bluetooth signature is detected. Eg. Pebble locker. Can also activate any profiles upon detection.
  97. Perform tasks depending on magnetic field strength. This is particularly effective to mimic an NFC feature. Eg. Open an app (car mode ultra) by reading and sticking a magnetic strip on a car mount.
  98. Make your own Siri. Autovoice + Tasker
  99. Run shell Scripts
  100. Use phone as external GPS for android tablet that doesn’t have a GPS.
  101. Extract apks so no need to re-download from the internet. Just are reinstall from a windows network share or SD card.
  102. Ability to control other Android devices (AutoRemote).
  103. iOS user’s can’t eat KitKat’s anymore.


  • Alexander Bächi

    Und noch was:
    Bei Apple wird 100 versprochen aber nur 82 geliefert.
    Bei Android wird 100 versprochen und 103 geliefert! ;-)

  • Clemens M. Schuster

    My 50 Cents: Wisst ihr, warum iOS-User das genau gar nicht kümmert? Weil Apple diese Liste 1. übersetzt hätte, 2. designt hätte und 3. in 3 Tranchen einzeln als Innovation verkauft hätte. – davon abgesehen nervts mich als iOS-User natürlich, technisch nie auf der Höhe der Zeit zu sein…